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Contemporary Comfort Home Renovation

Residential Interior Design Project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Our team transformed this Ft. Lauderdale Mediterranean residence that was stuck in the ‘90s into a comfortable contemporary home. Our concept of push and pull was exactly what this home needed. We created spaces that pushed visitors through and pulled them into our focal points.

Thick-profiled finishes repeated throughout spaces pushed people through, only to have serene organic patterns and textures pull you in even further. When our team combined our concept with deeply textured finishes inspired by the deep rings of a tree, woven linen, and the glistening of the sea, this home renovation project became our clients’ dream home.


Throughout this home renovation project, our design team worked with a general contractor to reframe windows for a more contemporary look. Additionally, we provided design development and interior design services, which included selecting materials, finishes, furnishings, and accessories to bring our design to life.


In this Ft. Lauderdale home renovation, the DKOR Interiors design team’s goal was to transform a Mediterranean-style home into one filled with modern, contemporary touches that still felt cozy and warm for its residents.

Blog Review – Contemporary Comfort Home Renovation

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