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Phase Two of a Miami Home’s Complete Transformation

As interior designers, each of our projects speaks to us in different ways. When we take on a new construction project, we shepherd it from blueprint to completion, building something out of nothing. When we do a decorating project, it’s a much quicker turnaround, but the change is no less dramatic.

This Miami home makeover straddles the line between the two, giving us the opportunity to make big changes on a shorter timeline than a new construction. But, we’re not just picking out new furniture or home decor like in a decorating project. Our design concept, the myth of a windy island, has guided us as we’ve transformed this once brown and dated home into a sleek modern dream.

Discover how our top designers transformed four more rooms in this Miami Home’s Complete Transformation:




Miami Home's Complete Transformation by DKOR Interiors


Miami Home's Complete Transformation by DKOR Interiors


In the kitchen revamp, we worked with Mia Cucina Fine Italian Kitchens to determine the best layout and the most durable surfaces. Heavy is how we’d describe the original kitchen. Dark cherry wood upper cabinets loomed large—even the fridge was paneled in the wood. The breakfast nook was shoved into a corner, and a pair of dramatic chandeliers hung in the room.

With the help of Mia Cucina, we took this kitchen to the other end of the spectrum: light, bright and airy. Mid-tone gray cabinets, white walls, and glass pendants keep the room feeling fresh, while wood paneling lends much-needed warmth.


Miami Home's Complete Transformation by DKOR Interiors


Where the breakfast nook once stood, we’ve installed a bar. Complete with a wine rack and mini beverage fridge, we’ve now taken the flow of the room and spread it out a bit. This will be key when the family hosts parties, since we all know that people tend to congregate in the kitchen.


Family Room



Orange hues distracted from the stunning window in the family room, so we splashed grays, blues, and whites around the room. The crisp color palette and streamlined furniture keeps the focus on the beautiful outdoors.


Miami Home's Complete Transformation by DKOR Interiors


Our friends on the DKOR Windows and Walls team helped us pick the perfect sheer window treatments and the right wallcovering to highlight our Ikea-hacked floating TV cabinet. (Stay tuned for our step-by-step directions on how to remake the Ikea-hacked floating cabinet!)

We love to use wallcoverings in a subdued hue and pattern to highlight a certain element in a subtle, but very effective way. In this room, it’s not just behind the TV cabinet, but also on the faux ledge we created to house the family’s art.


TV Room


Miami Home's Complete Transformation by DKOR Interiors


Miami Home's Complete Transformation by DKOR Interiors


The new design offers a clean backdrop on which to watch a family-favorite movie or the new hit network drama. Wood paneling behind the TV and textured wallpaper adds just the right amount of warmth to keep the room cozy, and the new sleek built-in cabinets are the perfect place to store a TV box, games, blankets, and more.


Dining Room

Miami Home's Complete Transformation by DKOR Interiors
Dining Room – BEFORE PHOTO


Miami Home's Complete Transformation by DKOR Interiors
Our Design Intent


In the dining room, it was important to our client to maintain the existing ornate cabinetry on one side of the room, so we devised a plan to refinish it (in white, of course), swap out the hardware, and remove the header that made the cabinets feel shorter. In between the cabinets, we covered the existing brick with a textured wallpaper.

On the other side of the room, we collaborated with Mia Cucina again to create a custom floating built-in buffet, finished in a medium gray hue.

After removing the beams and painting the ceiling white, we wanted to replace the current light fixture with one that matched the new look and feel. Our clients chose the stunning Heracleum Endless Suspension Light, which feels like ordered chaos—in a good way.

We’re so eager to show you the finished spaces, so stick around and see how this Miami Home’s Complete Transformation all turns out!



“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for. “Human centered design thinking always reminds us that we’re designing for real people.” – David & Tom Kelley

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