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North Carolina Lake Home Design Inspired by the Feather

Set on a lake in Cornelius, North Carolina, DKOR Interiors’ current high-end residential project is a 6,510-square-foot new-construction house. Inspired by the peaceful setting, the interior design concept fits not only the family’s nurturing, soft culture, but also its surroundings. Our design concept for this North Carolina lake home design is the “Divine Elements of a Feather”.

North Carolina Lake Home Design
North Carolina Lake Home – Site Visit

A feather has concrete characteristics: size, color, texture, some even have a different feel and patterns! Yes, but it also has different meanings and can represent deeper concepts. It is interesting to ask people what a feather inspire them. If you think of it, closing your eyes, visualizing a floating feather caught in a soft breeze… What would you say it represents, how does this image make you feel?

The design team held to the airy feeling of the floating feather, in the lake breeze. We see a beautiful moment at dusk, when the hazy sky colors seem to blend with the lake. We see the feather softly swirling, following the wind currents. The last rays of sun peeking through the clouds, making the feather suddenly shimmer almost like a glitter. Our gazes get lost in the hazy horizon, following the floating feather, and warm thoughts overtake us. We feel at peace, time standing still for a while.

If you don’t feel the divinity in this moment, you need to read this last bit again, close your eyes, imagine yourself there and you’ll see… or you’ll feel we should say.


North Carolina Lake Home - Site Visit
Part of the design team during our site visit to our North Carolina’s new construction project

North Carolina Lake Home Design – Design Elements

So how will we translate this into a house? Our design team focused on the vertical ascension and ethereal feel of the feather. DKOR’s home designers will play with layers of vertical lines and planes, contrasting each other to add emphasis and hierarchy. We want the interiors of this North Carolina lake home to feel airy and lightweight, with a focus on vertical elements, to take the viewers eyes towards the high ceilings.

The overall color palette of light beige and pastel shades with subtle contrasts we have developed enhances all of the elements we just described; soft, airy interiors with a serene feel.


We loved that when looking at feathers, some have outlines that delineate them almost. We want to use this attribute in this North Carolina lake home design to bring a touch of contrast. Our interior designers will incorporate just the right amount of darker elements to add character and warmth to the home’s interiors.

Feathers also play with transparency, texture, and shimmer. In our North Carolina new construction project, and to give you specific examples, transparency will be applied in translucent panels separating the grand staircase from the living room.



Our clients absolutely love rooms that showcase different subtle textures, in contrasting scales. So, the interior design team is proposing soft wall coverings. The team will be playing also with tile patterns to create these subtle textures. Lastly, we know our clients like the touch of shimmer here and there, hence we are planning, just as the feather, to apply this in a timeless and elegant manner.

This North Carolina lake home design will truly feel divine, and the careful selection of materials is key here. We will select unique stones and tiles, pairing them with elegant, warm woods and shimmering accents to create timeless airy spaces.

We hoped we transmitted the divine elements of a feather to you, and that you now feel as inspired as us! Stay tuned to see more about the first design intents for the common areas of this amazing Cornelius waterfront home.


North Carolina Project – Site Visit





Our clients’ trust and belief in us as designers and a company, push us to have strong creative confidence that we project in our designs. Their trust drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to search within us and around us to be stronger designers.

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