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Miami-Based Real Estate Staging Services

In addition to our residential design services, DKOR Interiors offers high-end real estate staging services in the Miami area. While we may not be designing interiors for a specific client or family in mind, our process is the same for our staging clients.

The same goal holds true: to provide creative and thoughtful design and project management solutions that meet our client’s needs. It’s just that this time our clients are realtors, homeowners, or investors who are looking to sell their properties quickly while also adding value.

South Florida’s residential real estate market is one of the hottest in the country. Each year there are more new developments and the listing of existing properties increases. The market is bursting with everything from luxury condo units to single-family residences.

With a booming market comes a lot of competition, so we strive to help differentiate our clients’ listings through design—eventually leading to a successful sale.

A property may have all the right features, like a great location, the desired number of bedrooms, or excellent ocean views, but if potential buyers can’t picture themselves in the space the features don’t matter much.

Potential buyers need to be shown how they can live and create a life (and memories) in the home. But it’s not just about the touchy-feely. By showing potential buyers how functional, useful, and efficient a home is, you can show them that their quality of life will actually improve.

And that’s where our luxury real estate staging services can help. We work with our clients to enhance the beauty and functionality of their properties, emphasizing the unique, spectacular, and functional features of any home!

The Benefits of Real Estate Staging Services

Working with our professional designers to stage your property has several benefits that can help you achieve your sales objective:

  1. We create a design that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living, entertaining, loving and more in that home.
  2. By improving how potential buyers perceive the property, we can positively impact the property’s value.
  3. Our design can make your property stand out and create a strong first impression with buyers.
  4. By crafting thoughtful designs, we will emphasize the same spaces, functionality, and features you’ll be highlighting during tours and showings.
  5. We’ll use our expertise of the Miami-area interior design trends to advise you on an interior mood that will appeal to a broad range of buyers.

DKOR’s Real Estate Staging Process

We’ll work to understand your needs and your overall goal. Then, we’ll swing into action and make the process an easy one. During the design process, not only will we help you to create eye-catching and stylish looks but our project managers will ensure everything is running smoothly at all times. We take the stress away and handle all of the purchasing, installations, styling, and any necessary follow-ups.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your property or reduce its time on the market, we’re here to help! The Miami-based team at DKOR offers real estate staging services that will bring out the best in your property for a successful sale.

Our Experience

Continuum Miami Beach Condo

This staging project, a 6,500-square-foot apartment in the exclusive Continuum Miami Beach, for the Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team at Douglas Elliman sold for $11.2 million in only eight days.

The Edition Miami Beach Condo

This residence had sat on the market for a year before we staged it. After staging, it sold for $5.4 million in only three months.

The Muse Penthouse 

This luxury Muse Penthouse is currently on the market, listed by the Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team at Douglas Elliman. Take a virtual tour here!

A Biscayne Beach Residence


Connect with the DKOR Interiors real estate staging team today to learn how we can help your property fly off the market!

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“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for. “Human centered design thinking always reminds us that we’re designing for real people.” – David & Tom Kelley

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