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Maryland Interior Designers Give a Traditional Home a Transitional Update

We love working with clients over and over again! Our design team especially loves working with them on different projects: their main residences, vacation homes, and any other projects they throw our way. We get to see them in a new light and solve new problems for them.

We were thrilled when a former client reached out to us to work on a new project recently! DKOR Interiors worked with them on an interior decoration project of their Miami Beach vacation home. They loved the feel of that space so much they wanted to transport it to their main residence in Annapolis, Maryland.

In addition to the physical distance of Miami to Maryland, this task presented an immediate challenge: Their Florida penthouse is in a modern high-rise building, whereas their Maryland home is decidedly traditional.

How would we bring the feel of their Miami home up north both process- and design-wise?

Well, our Maryland Interior Designers team has been doing this for over a decade and has established an interior design process that allows us to successfully work outside of our home state.

We work hard to provide our clients with the right amount of facetime with us during the design process and communicate with GCs across the world to ensure a successfully completed project. In fact, we have projects all over South Florida, and experience with international projects in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada.

So, while we’re located in Florida, we consider ourselves Maryland interior designers for this project.

But enough of the nuts and bolts and more of the pretty stuff, right?

Look at this home! Not only is its waterfront location jaw dropping, but the home itself is a stunning traditional specimen. In order to stay true to the character of this home but bring in the essence of their modern Miami pad, we aimed for a timeless transitional design with a restful palette. The entire home had to have a calming and restorative ambiance.

Since this was a decoration project without any remodeling work being done, we employed a mostly light and neutral palette of sandy tans and cool grays with pops of natural greens to bring the whole home together.



In addition to design work, we focused on space planning to create different ambiances throughout the home. Thinking through how each family member would use a room—for reading, entertaining, and more or family spaces versus more formal areas—was an important step in our process.

The key was a calm and serene design that ensured the connection between the interior and exterior. Design features like modern lighting, polished finishes, and timeless wall coverings complement the traditional crown molding and ceiling beams, providing a modern foil to move the home into a transitional style.



Entry Foyer

In the entryway, we selected furniture pieces that had modern touches. Touches like clean lines, current fabrics, and more, but an overall traditional feel. This gives the home that extra touch and layer of depth. It feels collected over time rather than designed all at once.

The brass light and tufted ottoman feel traditional, but when paired with the current wallpaper, modern art, and contemporary table, the look feels timeless. Plus, there’s nothing more classic than a round entryway table to welcome guests and family.

Throughout the home, we can find the same concepts. Texture adds soul to spaces, while rugs and upholstery add warmth. The harmony is achieved by seamlessly combining traditional and modern in this Annapolis interior design project.

As excited as we were to start work on this project for our clients, we’re equally as excited to share this remote design process with you! Stick around to see more of our Florida team operating as Maryland interior designers and transforming the interiors of this Annapolis home seamlessly!

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Our clients’ trust and belief in us as designers and a company, push us to have strong creative confidence that we project in our designs. Their trust drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to search within us and around us to be stronger designers.

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