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Kids’ Bedroom Decor in a Sunny Isles Oceanfront Condo

We love dreaming up concepts for kids’ bedroom decor. We can really use our creativity to its full extent with fabulous and whimsical designs. These two rooms in our Sunny Isles oceanfront condo project are no exception.

The DKOR design team designed two spaces that fit the personality and styles of the boy and girl living in them, while staying true to the home’s fireflower-inspired design concept. We’ve already taken you behind the scenes of the design process for these two spaces. Now, we’re so excited to share the finished interior looks.

Teenage Girl’s Bedroom: Design Concept

But before we share the real-life space, let’s take a look back at our design concept. This girl’s bedroom is pretty in pink—with pops of gold and brass to bring in the warmth of a fireflower.

Interior Design - Girl's Bedroom Ideas


Interior Design - Girl's Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Girl’s Bedroom: Real-Life Design

As you can see, the finished bedroom stayed very true to our design intent. While traditionally the bed is the focal point of a bedroom, in this girl’s room it’s the supporting cast of characters that really steals the show.

Girls Bedroom Decor - Sunny Isles Interior Design


First, your eye notices the polka dot wall decals that create a cascading effect, similar to that of a firework post-explosion. They’re so easy to install—and remove—that we love using them in kids’ rooms.

Next, the hanging acrylic chair will no doubt draw your attention. It’s a perfect (and stylish) spot for this teenager to read a book, listen to music, draw, or do whatever she wants. Plus, it offers an amazing view of the ocean.


Girls Bedroom Decor - Sunny Isles Interior Design


Girls Bedroom Decor - Sunny Isles Interior Design


As you move into the room, you’ll notice vanity fit for a movie star. The mirror lights up with Hollywood-style lights, while the pairing of the brass-legged desk and the velvet tufted ottoman are pure glamour.


Girls Bedroom Decor - Pillows


Girls Bedroom Decor - Sunny Isles Interior Design

Girls Bedroom Decor - Sunny Isles Interior Design


On the other side of the room is a perfect homework nook. The pink wallpaper connects the nook back to the rest of the room and even more metallic elements—the sconce and drawer pulls on the desk—lend warmth.

Floating shelves offer spots to display greenery, favorite mementoes, or even school books in a stylish manner. The combination calendar, cork, and whiteboard are sure to help this teen stay organized. But what makes this the perfect nook is a comfy office chair. The cream upholstery keeps it looking chic!


Girls Bedroom Decor - Sunny Isles Interior Design


Remember how we said the bed isn’t the focal point? We still won’t forget about it! The cream upholstered headboard and luxurious bed linens (including an oh-so-cute pompom-adorned blanket) are neutral enough to grow with the room’s residence or to become a guest room when she goes off to college. We also love the modern-style nightstand and geometric light combo paired with more traditional bedding. It keeps the room fresh for a teen.

Boy’s Bedroom: Design Concept

Now that we’ve toured the girl’s bedroom, let’s move onto the boy’s bedroom. But first, it’s back to our design concept. We brought the fireflower concept into the painting of the walls—their geometric pattern remind us of the light cast from fireworks or a flare.


Condo Interior Design - Boys Bedroom Ideas


Condo Interior Design - Boys Bedroom Ideas


Boy’s Bedroom: Real-Life Design

In this boy’s bedroom, it was all about creating a blue backdrop for him to explore his hobbies, whether that be superheroes, creating YouTube videos, or just plain having fun.

The walls lend a burst of color, so the rest of the space is fairly neutral. White cube shelves hold treasures on display, while the desk chair features a pop of blue but is mostly black. A wall organizer, the same on in the girl’s bedroom, keeps this little one’s playdates and soccer games organized.


Boys Bedroom Decor - Sunny Isles Interior Design


Boys Bedroom Decor - Sunny Isles Interior Design


In one of our favorite details in the space, you’ll notice that we painted the door and all of the framing and molding. It creates an immersive design experience that can’t be achieved when you’ve got a white door sticking out of a blue wall.

Boys Bedroom Decor - Sunny Isles Interior Design




The bedding is mostly blue with a pop of red to infuse the space with fireflower warmth. As we did in the girl’s bedroom, we used pillows to lend personality. Take a peek at that YouTube pillow.

Another thing we love to do in kids’ bedroom decor is to mismatch the side tables for interest: here we paired one white pedestal table with a more traditional nightstand.

We hope you’ve loved touring these kids’ bedroom spaces as much as we have! Stick around as we reveal the rest of the home soon.

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