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Interior Designers in Pompano Beach Reveal a Rock ‘n’ Roll Condo

We’ve all wondered what a rockstar’s home looks like, right? Well, instead of wondering, our fabulous clients decided to bring their vision of a rocker’s abode to life in their new condo by the hand of our interior designers in Pompano Beach.

This 2,500-square-foot stunner in the Sabbia Beach building has a unique personality, different from the other condos in the building, because of our clients’ love of music.

Throughout the home, we paired lots of bold colors (teal, azure, burgundy) with deconstructed elements from rock ‘n’ roll style: chrome and other metals; textural fabrics, like leather, velvet, or shagreen; and chains, fragmented patterns, and more.

We loved working with our clients, learning from them, and creating a home that truly reflects who they are. We’re so excited to finally pull back the curtain and turn up the lights on this Pompano Beach condo.

Elevator Foyer

Interior Designers in Pompano Beach - Foyer


Interior Designers in Pompano Beach - Foyer

While most homes have only one entryway with which to make an impression, we have two in this condo and we certainly made the most of it.

We played with fractal elements with an oversized piece of abstract art. Combining that with a chrome bench and pops of bright hues, like fuchsia, to create a warm and personality-filled welcome.

Entry Foyer

Interior Designers in Pompano Beach - Entry Foyer Design

From one bright pop of color to another, bigger, pop of color. A completely eye-catching Alex Turco piece of art has been custom framed to match the strong lines on a trio of tables in the entryway. The scale of this oversized art, reminiscent of a concert backdrop, is a real showstopper.

Interior Designers in Pompano Beach - Entry Foyer Design


Living Room + Master Bedroom Entry

Interior Designers in Pompano Beach - Living Room Design

Just as bands in a concert transition seamlessly from one song to the next, we were tasked with seamless transitions from room to room. This is even more important when the door to the master bedroom is off of the living room.

The door, including an inconspicuous finger pull, is hidden in a gray wood panel. By creating a little vignette with a potted plant, turquoise vase, and abstract art, we’re pulling focus from the door and allowing it to remain hidden.

You’d never know there was a full master suite behind those doors!

Pro tip: Leaning large-scale art on a wall is a more casual, relaxed version of hanging art.

Media Room

While the rest of the home is a subtle nod to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, the design of this media room goes all out. We imagine this is what the backstage of a ‘70s or ‘80s rock concert looked like.

A gallery wall of concert posters collected by our clients adorns the walls alongside bold, deep hues. The sectional is upholstered with a sleek mix of leather and velvet. Musical instruments are available at arm’s length. And to top it all off a shag rug provides a groovy finish.

Home Bar

Every rockstar needs a place to entertain, even if it’s just for one special guest. This swiveling bar is sure to impress. The mirror-dotted base swivels to double the length, to reveal storage of the all-important bar gear, and to allow for a few bar stools to be pulled right up.

Chrome and chrome-like finishes abound in this spot that plays with negative space on the bar, the floating shelves, and even the base of the cool Restoration Hardware bar stools themselves.

Pivoting the bottom of the bar out at an irregular angle, like we’ve done here, gives dimension to the space, while also allowing for maximum enjoyment.

Powder Room

Small spaces like powder rooms (or laundry rooms, hallways, or foyers) are the perfect places to experiment with bold color and pattern. That’s just what we did. A hexagonal burgundy wallpaper adorns the walls of this white-and-charcoal bathroom, adding texture and depth.

Rock ‘n’ roll themed photographs and prints also adorn the walls, proclaiming our clients’ love for music.


Home Office

No home is complete without an office, especially in these times. We created a gallery wall of our clients’ favorite photos of themselves together—from their wedding and travels.

Against a deep teal wall, the black-and-white photos framed in black and wide-matted in white stand out beautifully. A floor lamp provides the right amount of task lighting for work done at the beautiful slate gray desk.

Thanks for touring this rock ‘n’ roll condo with our Pompano Beach interior designers! We hope you’ll stick around for more and more DKORista designed homes to come.

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