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Home Staging Highlight: A Continuum Miami Beach Condo

Our Miami-based interior design firm offers a range of interior design and decorating services that focus on meeting our clients’ specific needs. In addition to our residential services, we also provide home staging for high-end real estate. We recently worked with the Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team to enhance a 6,500-square-foot residence in the exclusive Continuum Miami Beach.

As with any other design project, we started by identifying our client’s needs and goals. When working on real estate staging, the main goal is to positively impact the value of the property by creating a look that highlights the property’s potential and allows potential buyers to picture themselves living there.

It sounds simple, but it’s always a challenge. Each property is different, and the styling needs to appeal to just the right person. Luckily, our skilled design team has plenty of experience and knows how to do this right.

Home Staging Services Miami - DKOR Interiors and Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team
Photo Credits: Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team

How We Did It: Home Styling In Miami’s Continuum Residence

To kick the project off on the right foot, we visited the property with Bill and Bryan to sketch out a design plan. We identified the key areas in the three-bed, three-and-a-half bath residence that we wanted to highlight and thought through the steps required to com­plete the project in the desired time frame. Because our goal was to make the residence more attractive to potential buyers, our design approach focused on emphasizing the beauty and functionality of the spaces and unique features of the property.

The styling team focused on three main components of the design plan:

Space Planning

Our goal was to make the home as visually appealing as possible. Our design team improved the flow of the space in order to make the condo feel larger and more open. We spent time moving the furniture around to visualize different ways to maximize each space and to take advantage of the amazing ocean and bay views.

Paint and Material Selection

We utilized different finishes on materials and paint to create impactful features and draw the eye to certain areas.

Furniture and Accessories Selection

Our team sourced and created a design around new furniture that complemented existing pieces, artwork, lighting, accessories, and rugs. The styling team created vignettes through the spaces and used ambient lighting, scents, and natural touches like greenery to create a pleasing mood.


Before & After

Our interior designers created a concept that allowed us to tell a story that any prospective buyers would enjoy.

Before and After - Living Room on Miami Beach Condo
Living Area

Before and After - Dining Room on Miami Beach Condo
Bar and Dining Area

Before and After - Master Bedroom on Miami Beach Condo
Master Bedroom


The Final Result

Home Staging Services Miami - DKOR Interiors
Photo Credits: Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team

We’re super happy to share that we accomplished our design goal. The luxury real estate team achieved a record sale on this Miami Beach property! The property was on the market for eight days and sold for $11.2 million by the expert Bill and Bryan Team.

With a deadline of just four weeks after the first site visit, the DKOR Interiors team completely revamped the space. Our design concept combined an air of sophistication with a more comfy and livable space. We paid attention to detail in order to make the best of each space within budget and time. One of our biggest tricks is making small spaces feel bigger by adding a seating area or simply rearranging the furniture.

The key to real estate staging is to spend the money adding depth and differentiating the property from others on the market. Our selections were aimed at making the potential buyers feel like they can move in right away.

Home staging can be a bit overwhelming if you’re aiming to do it yourself—there are so many little tasks to think of. But having the perspective of an expert design team like DKOR can save you money and time. And in the end, you can help you achieve your goal of selling your home at (or above) the asking price. More final photos below!

Continuum Miami Beach Condo - DKOR Interiors and Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team
Photo Credits: Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team


Home Staging Services Miami - DKOR Interiors and Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team
Credits: Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team


Home Staging Services Miami - DKOR Interiors and Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team
Photo Credits: Bill Hernandez & Bryan Sereny team

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