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Fun Room Ideas: Modern and Mature Boy’s Bedroom Design

We first introduced you to the design intent of this cool, industrial bedroom back in April. But now, it’s time to unveil how our design came to life in reality. Hint: It’s even better than we could have imagined. If you’re looking for fun room ideas for boys’ bedroom decor, look no further!

The Design Intent: Modern Boys’ Bedroom Decor

First, let’s take a step back. Here’s our original design intent as presented to our clients.

Cool, industrial bedroom – Design Intent


Cool, industrial bedroom – Design Intent

Our original design intent is a bit more subdued and minimal on purpose. We knew we’d find fun new accessories and items to dress up the bedroom, and we also needed to leave space for personal mementos from the room’s inhabitant.

The Final Look: Colorful and Personality-Filled

Fun Room Ideas by DKOR Interiors


Now, take a peek at the final, styled version of the room. You’ll see the bones of the room have stayed the same: Gray-toned furniture sets a neutral backdrop for funky, bold artwork.

One of our favorite parts of the room is the masculine upholstered bed. Not only is it large and plush, but it’s classic and will grow with the little boy who lives in this room. The bed’s style will work in rooms from middle school to high school and even in his first apartment. (If his parents want to part with it!)

The majority of the light in this bedroom comes from a streamlined flush-mount drum lamp positioned in the middle of the ceiling. We wanted something modern and beautiful that didn’t distract from the cool marble-print wallpaper we hung on the ceiling.

The mirrored dresser, metal nightstand, and hand-loomed rug all add shine and shimmer, while maintaining a monochromatic color scheme.

Fun Room Ideas by DKOR Interiors - Neon Sign

But enough about the furniture—let’s talk accessories. From artwork to lighting to unique little trinkets, we’ve got plenty of fun room ideas your boys’ bedroom decor.

The “Think Out of the Box” neon wall art and eye-catching pendant that’s really a bouquet of exposed bulbs and wires perfectly exemplify the industrial style we were going for. We love including words of encouragement in kids’ bedroom art because it reinforces the messages we, as parents, tell them every day.

Fun Room Ideas by DKOR Interiors - Fun Art

On the opposite wall, we hung faux-brick wallpaper to lend depth, but not color. We still wanted the artwork and accessories to stand out. Talk about fun! This wall is a riot of color, from the mini gas pump to the vintage car paintings. The metal objects—the end table and arrow art—hint at industrial style, but aren’t too cold or warehouse-like.

Fun Room Ideas by DKOR Interiors

Another cool element in this boy’s bedroom is the denim egg chair. While the egg chair is a modern staple, it’s often upholstered in a tweed or a leather. Both of those fabrics would have felt just a bit too mature for this room. So, we went for a denim-upholstered version and adorned it with a cheeky Where’s Waldo? pillow. Can you spot him?

Fun Room Ideas by DKOR Interiors

Back over by the bed, we’ve installed an homage to street art. Spray paint cans look as if they’re mid-spray, while a graffiti-style canvas hangs next to the trio.

This boy’s bedroom perfectly captures the look and feel our client wanted for their home’s design:

“The family’s matriarch wanted a modern, kid-friendly aesthetic, filled with bold patterns and statements, and dotted with creative, fun details. She wanted the design of her home to be extraordinary.”

This room sparks the imagination and encourages creativity. It pushes the boundaries and it thinks outside the design box. This room is the perfect spot for the next Banksy or John Lennon or Michelangelo to grow up.

We couldn’t be happier with the way this room—and the whole home—turned out! But if you’re craving more, stick around as we’re almost ready to reveal the full home.

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