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Foyer Decorating Tips from Interior Designers

We all know just how important first impressions are! And your home’s first impression is its foyer, where you, your family, and guests have your first at-home experience. For this reason, we’ve prepared special foyer decorating tips for you!

Every home—and therefore, foyer—is different. But the common goal when designing an entry foyer is to create a welcoming and functional space that introduces guests to your home’s style. Designing a space that translates a warm welcoming feeling and covers the all-important entryway functionality needs at the same time can be tricky.

Since this space is crucial to your home’s design, our experienced interior designers have put together our favorite foyer design ideas. Pulled right from our real-life residential projects, we hope these tips fill you with inspiration and an understanding of the essentials you need for a stylish, functional foyer.

Foyer Decorating Tips
Space Plan

The first, and most important, foyer design rule is to create a design that allows the flow between spaces. It’s not a welcoming foyer if people can’t move around within it comfortably.

To start, review your layout and space available. Think about the furniture pieces you have (whether in your home already or ones that you’ve been dreaming of). Start visualizing where they’d go.

One fail-proof tip if your foyer is feeling cramped: Include just the essentials (a light and a table) to ensure an adequate circulation space.

Foyer Decorating Tips from Interior Designers

Foyer Decorating Tips from Interior Designers

Highlight Your Style

This is the first place you will introduce your home’s style to your guests. The mood, color palette, and materials of your foyer design should connect with the design of the rest of the home.

Aim to include a touch of the dominant color and material of the rest of the home in the entryway. Carrying in hues on wall art, rugs, or decorative accents is one easy way.

Using a material, like marble, brass, weathered wood, that is found throughout the home on an accent in the foyer is another designer-approved decorating tip.

Foyer Decorating Tips from Interior Designers
Foyer design that will introduce the design of the home

Add Decorative and Personal Touches

Connecting to the design and matching it exactly are two different things. If you’re so inclined, you should feel comfortable adding special details to give your foyer a unique touch.

Consider the feeling you want to have (and you want guests to have) when opening the front door.

Personal touches are what make a home, so include some in the entry. Believe us they will steal the show

Think about including your favorite piece of art, a rug that’s been in the family, or a decorative element that reminds you of a favorite vacation. that’ll create a lasting impression.

A welcoming foyer design doesn’t stop there, though. Design is in the details, after all. Consider adding in fresh flowers, or even a live plant, to bring life to the space. Every item in this space should be intentional, from the rug to the accent tray, and work to complete the whole look of the room.

Make It Functional

Despite all of our design-based foyer design tips, a pretty and welcoming space isn’t the only element to consider. Function is also key in foyer design too, no matter how big or small the space may be.

Think about it, this is the first area you enter when arriving home but also the last one when leaving. It’s where you might drop keys, ask guests to remove their shoes, and rush out the door because you’re late.

If space allows it, include a seating option like a bench or chair, storage solutions to keep the essentials like car keys at easy reach, or a decorative basket for shoes. No one wants to trip on Junior’s sneakers when arriving home or entering a friend’s house.

Our motto: Keep it organized.

Foyer Decorating Tips from Interior Designers

Basic Essentials for Foyer Design

Foyer Decorating Tips from Interior Designers


  • Welcoming mat (for outside!)
  • Statement lighting
  • Beautiful storage solutions: cubbies, baskets, boxes, hooks, etc.
  • Artwork and/or framed family photos
  • Area rug
  • Mirror
  • Seating options: small stool, chair, or bench
  • A surface: console table or shelves
  • Meaningful decorative elements

For more design inspiration, check our collection of foyer designs here.

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