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Fort Lauderdale Interior Designers: A Floral-Inspired New Construction Home

Delicate, timeless, elegant. These three words dictated the design of our client’s new-build home in Ft. Lauderdale. In collaboration with Bomar Builders, our Fort Lauderdale interior designers helped our client enter a new phase in their life, inspired by a rose.

Considered a symbol of balance, the rose’s beauty expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings. Our client’s new custom home was built with the exact spaces to meet their needs—a perfect start to the next chapter.

The overlapping layers of petals, all stemming from a central point inspired much of our Fort Lauderdale interior design for this transitional-style home. It’s a combination of warm, classic materials and timeless finishings, paired with fresh colors for a more contemporary feel.

Just like a dozen, or two, roses, our design intent is full of lots of layers, which lend depth, balance, and symmetry, and the texture of the delicate, organic petals provides softness. But how does this translate to furniture and finishings? Let’s step through the front door of the home to discover more.

Entry Foyer

Fort Lauderdale Interior Designers: A Floral-Inspired New Construction Home

This welcoming space opens up onto the grand living area, so playing with scale was a no-brainer here. The lower ceiling in the foyer is clad in a gray-toned wood, similar to the living area, but the design is on a smaller scale.

Feminine accents like an upholstered ottoman, leggy console table, and chic round mirror adorn the space. The wood flooring carries into the next room, but with a twist: layered, balanced herringbone pattern. When paired with more modern furnishings, this traditional pattern takes on a fresh new life.

The mirror reflects landscape paintings which echo the view outside the windows just ahead. It’s just a taste of the beauty that lies in the next room.

Living Room

Fort Lauderdale Interior Designers: A Floral-Inspired New Construction Home

As you step from the foyer to the grand space, you’ll notice that our transitional interior design lives out the credo: “less is more.”

Clean white walls, modern white sheers, and minimal moldings nod to traditional elements, but with a more au courant spin. With all that white, we needed to warm up the space. The warm honey tones of the wood veneer on the fireplace, oak-clad ceiling, and earthy stone floors provide just the right touch.

Echoing the Fort Lauderdale intercoastal just outside the windows, we inlaid the fireplace with a gorgeous blue onyx. The layers of hues are reminiscent of the gardens, ponds, and pools of the waterway.

The true icing on the cake is the rose-inspired chandelier. Mirrored on the dining room side of this grand space, this feminine piece is a showstopper.

Dining Room

Fort Lauderdale Interior Designers: A Floral-Inspired New Construction Home

The custom glass china cabinet is the glass jewelry box of this large living space. The client has a beautiful collection of crystal stemware that will be showcased in this glimmering box. To maintain the balance of modern and classic, we kept the finish a classic with molding. With the simplicity of the room, your eye is then drawn to the brass framed glass doors and crystal stemware that is reflected in the mirror background.

Across the room, it’s much of the same finishings but with a decidedly more glam spin.

In the dining room, the white walls leave plenty of room for nearly floor-to-ceiling shelves. Eventually, the built-ins will house all of the stunning pieces with which our client entertains their guests. While it does that, it will still reflect the stunning blue onyx of the fireplace opposite it.

Beneath the shelves are a trio of cabinets, designed to hide the less-beautiful-but-functional entertaining pieces. Continuing the transitional design, the handles of the cabinets harken back to the golden age of Hollywood Regency. Traditional, but glam.

These breezy, transitional spaces provide the perfect welcome for our client. They’re layered and deep, yet their elegance is simple to see. These spaces are meant to be enjoyed and admired. Just like a bouquet of roses.

Stay tuned as our Fort Lauderdale interior designers reveal more spaces in this stunner of a house!



Our clients’ trust and belief in us as designers and a company, push us to have strong creative confidence that we project in our designs. Their trust drives us to constantly challenge ourselves to search within us and around us to be stronger designers.

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