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Designer Picks: An Inspiring Modern Workspace

Designer Picks: An Inspiring Modern Workspace

Home office woes can be many. Perhaps your desk is a catchall for family papers, making it a hot mess. Maybe you threw together existing pieces to fashion a home office quickly, so it lacks a cohesive design. Sometimes you’ve been working from home for so long that you’re no longer inspired by your current space. Whatever your problem is, our designers can help you learn how to decorate your home office.

Today, Anahi, our lead designer, has gathered 11 picks that are sure to help you set up an inspiring workspace in your home or apartment. Her finds will turn your office into a cool spot to focus, be productive, and get an inspiring modern workspace at home.

Designer picks for an inspiring modern workspace



The desk is always where it starts! Measure your workspace spot to determine the maximum size of your desk. Then measure it again. Because “Measure twice, cut (or buy) once” is a saying for a reason.

Now you can start the search. I love the sleek contemporary design of the Trestle Desk by Convenience Concepts. The two shelves are perfect for holding books, supplies, a printer, and more. It’s a win-win solution for aesthetics and storage!


You’ll likely be burning the midnight oil at your workspace a few times, so you’ll need an extra lighting source. The Iroh Metal Adjustable Desk Lamp is an interesting, unique choice! Its sophisticated modern style adds instant character.




The chair selection is all about comfort. Okay, and a little about design, too. But pay attention to comfort and ensure you’ll be able to sit and be inspired for hours in your chair of choice.


Give a twist to the everyday white or cork boards by creating a pegboard desk organizer. This clever alternative can display your favorite photos, quotes, and inspirational magazine tear-outs, all while organizing your desk supplies.


This white and gold ceramic pot has the perfect size to be placed on your desk and add a green touch!



Now that the essentials are covered, it’s time to up the fun factor. I’m obsessed with this Trigg Desk Vessel Set!. Don’t love  it?

Workspaces will always require extra storage. This handled wicker basket is great to store your favorite magazines, books, or folders all while adding a natural touch to your little space.




This marble clock from Westclox® will help you keep track of time while staying true to your super chic design aesthetic.


Keep your desk organized with a tray that has a designated purpose: a holding pen for either incoming or outgoing documents. The gold finish is just an added bonus that offers a bit of elegance to this utilitarian piece.  




The final touch? An inspirational quote to keep you motivated. Make sure you find one you identify with, and, if you’re a neon sign lover like me, think outside of the box and light up your space with some wall art.


“I believe in the power of the mind, whatever you think, you become.”

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