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Design inspiration: Places to visit in Mexico City

Design inspiration: Places to visit in Mexico City by DKOR Interiors’s designers

Design Inspiration

Hello again to all our DKORistas! Recently, while working on our international interior design project in Polanco, Mexico I had the opportunity to discover some incredible landmarks and destinations in this extraordinary metropolis.

As a Mexican interior designer, I am excited to share two of my favorite iconic destinations for you to visit on your next trip to Mexico.  Most are always surprised by the city’s sights and sounds. From the view of the airplane window you see a large city covered with skyscrapers, homes, and buildings. Once you arrive to the airport you will see tourists or business travelers from all over the world.  If I were to give you any tip, it would be to try and be patient with the traffic.  Mexico City is a big city; traffic and travel time has to be considered when trying to stick to any schedule.

This city makes me feel so proud of my country. You will find Mexico City to be a place with welcoming smiles, delicious food, and endless options available to its visitors such as archaeological sites and modern art museums. The city is more cosmopolitan than ever, you can visit these world-class museums, luxurious showrooms with unique furniture pieces, and find design inspiration everywhere you go.

The two places that I definitely recommend to any person in a creative discipline for great design inspiration are the Jumex Museum and the Somaya Museum.  Read about my recent visits below:


The vibrant art scene in Mexico is spreading around all the city areas. One must stop for all art lovers is Museo Jumex, a venue for the exhibition and activation of contemporary art. This museum is part of Eugenio López Alonso’s Fundación Jumex and is one of the largest private collections in Latin America.

Dkor Interiors
RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA: UFO (UNIVERSAL FANTASTIC OCCUPATION): Installation by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija at the public plaza of Jumex Museum. Where visitors are not just passive observers but they actually can interact, transforming the museum’s public space in an active space.


Design Inspiration
UNDER THE SAME SUN: ART FROM LATIN AMERICA TODAY. The collection features recent acquisitions from the region for the collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. Including drawing, installation, mixed media, painting, performance, sculpture, and video, it presents a wide range of approaches and aesthetics.
Design Inspiration
Design Inspiration


Very close to Jumex Museum in the Polanco neighborhood, you will find an iconic architectural landmark in the city, Soumaya Museum, the spiraling glittery sculpture reflects the sun’s light.

Soumaya Museum is a cultural institution whose vocation is to collect, research, conserve, and exhibit the artistic heritage of Mexico and Europe. The library, gift shop, restaurant and auditorium here are a must see.

Dkor Interiors Design Inspiration

While walking in Polanco and others areas of Mexico City we saw a lot of trendy restaurants, coffee houses, bookstores, boutique hotels, all of them with a distinctive and unique design. It is amazing how much design inspiration you can find! You can see artistic details everywhere and that what makes this city so inspiring. Stay tuned to our DKOR LIVING BLOG, we will share more information about our favorite showrooms we found in this multicultural city.

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