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Shop Local: Custom-Made Furniture by Grafton Furniture

For those who have been following us for a while, you know that we’re a teamwork-driven company. Teamwork is one of the values that guide us as a design firm — it’s all about working together! We know working collaboratively is the best way to achieve success.

This strong team-driven culture goes beyond our own design team — it applies to our extended team of vendors and collaborators, too. Collaborating with teams and individuals who share our values and have the expertise needed to get our creative designs done is key for our success. Without them, we couldn’t do it!

As we mentioned in this post, our trusted local vendors are the backbone of our extended family. For that reason and in an effort to create a stronger Miami design community, we wanted to recognize them in a special space. This is where SHOP LOCAL started. In SHOP LOCAL, you’ll find our favorite and recommended local vendors.

Miami Custom-Made Furniture Company – Grafton Furniture

A common challenge we face when looking for the right furniture pieces for our projects is finding a piece that matches our needs in style and/or dimensions. Many times you find a sofa you love and that goes perfectly with the overall design, but the dimensions don’t work. Other times, you find a furniture piece that has the right dimensions but it misses the details you’re envisioning.

When creating custom-made furniture or adding custom details to existing pieces, our interior designers love to work with Grafton Furniture. Their skilled artisans always know how to bring our designs to life and achieve the results we’re looking for.

Grafton Furniture is a family-owned and operated manufacturing facility in Miami, FL, open since 1964. They specialize in custom upholstery, cabinetry/case-goods, and millwork for the interior design trade. The Grafton Furniture team works closely with designers to complete projects in residential, marine and commercial fields.

We asked Melissa from the Grafton Furniture team a few questions about our experience working together. Read her answers below!

How has your experience been working with the DKOR team?

Miami designers working with local custom made furniture company

The DKOR team is very organized and lots of fun! The best way to work with them is with clear communication. If I need more information, they are always helpful and quick with responding. And the design teams are made up of a few people, so someone is always available and that makes a vendor like me so happy!”


What’s been your favorite project with DKOR?

Modern Wonderland by DKOR Interiors

My favorite project with DKOR was one of our first projects together — Modern Wonderland. They came to us to produce a custom headboard and bed base that would need to split apart for religious reasons. We were able to develop a product that doesn’t exist in the market! Function and style!”


What’s your favorite furniture trend at the moment?

Interior Design Project by DKOR Interiors in Coral Gable, Florida

Designers are bringing back color in a big way and we love it! Rooms with bold, bright colors and even soft pastels are a trend we’re seeing that makes our manufacturing process more fun.”

Custom-Made Furniture Pieces 

A few photos of projects we’ve worked on with Grafton Furniture

Custom Bench by DKOR Interiors and Grafton Furniture
Custom bench for a dining room full of textures


Miami Custom Upholstery Company
Modern Wonderland – Living Room Sofa


Custom bed design by Miami Designers
Custom-Made furniture piece for the master bedroom of our “Modern Wonderland” project.


modern toddler custom bed
Bed for a Modern Toddler Bedroom


 Grafton Furniture – Contact Information

President/Owner: Steve Grafton Jr.
Facebook & Instagram: Grafton Furniture
Contact Info: 305-696-3811
3401 NW 71st Street, Miami, FL 33147

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