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Cool Bedroom Ideas for Boys of All Ages

In our Golden Beach interior project, we helped a family of five renovate a newly purchased home that was perfect for them, location- and size-wise, but needed some DKORista style. We shared the common area designs in our post here, and today, we’re spotlighting the cool bedroom ideas for the three sons of this special family.

To make the transition from home to home smoother for the boys, our designers worked with each of them to create cool bedrooms ideas based on their interests and needs. Our DKORistas had meetings with the boys and involved them in the bedroom design process, coming up with these cool bedrooms ideas as a result.

What we like the most is that each bedroom design represents each of the boys in color and style, and they’ll have a space where they feel comfortable to grow. We incorporated things that are important to them, like sports, and functions specific to their ages, like a den for the oldest son.

Below we’re sharing in-progress images — make sure to stay tuned to our blog with a follow-up post on before and after images!



We start with the youngest boy in the house, who loves sports and everything to do with them. His favorite game is football, so we created a sports-themed bedroom that he — and his parents — were sure to love. Using hues of green and dark gray with terracotta-colored accents, our DKORistas translated this little boy’s love of the game into a fun and still chic bedroom design. A bed, of course, plus a cozy corner to hang out and a workspace gives this little boy everything he could need. An awesome finishing touch for this boy’s bedroom interior? On the wall hangs a mural of his own photo so he knows that anything is possible!

Cool Bedroom Ideas by DKOR Interiors
Design Intent by DKOR Interiors


The second bedroom, for the middle son, is youthful yet timeless. Soft neutrals with a shot of bold teal create a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere for him to hang out with friends, do homework and sleep. He’ll do his homework at his dedicated desk, and can also enjoy water views from his bed — sounds magical! One of the coolest design features in this boy’s bedroom interior is a wall panel with wallpaper, which creates a statement wall in the room that takes advantage of the ceiling height.


Boys Bedroom Design Intent
Boy’s Bedroom Design Intent by DKOR Interiors

Boys Bedroom Design Intent


Cool Bedroom Ideas by DKOR Interiors

Cool Bedroom Ideas by DKOR Interiors


In the oldest son’s room, our DKORistas created a private sanctuary perfect for any teenager. With his own den — complete with a snack area and mini-fridge — he can hang out with friends or spend time on his own. Comfortable and modern seating with minimal (but still chic!) decor fill up this space in a palette of gray with pops of orange. A desk area gives him space to do homework, too. Can’t you just imagine him and his friends here, playing video games or watching sports? We can!

Cool Bedroom Ideas by DKOR Interiors

In the teen son’s bedroom, a palette of grays with wood accents take center stage. Lots of texture creates a cozy atmosphere — hygge, anyone? — while perfectly placed and sleek lighting and artwork provide grown-up touches in this boy’s bedroom interior.

Overall, our goal was for the boys to be able to move in and use their bedrooms immediately. There’s nothing like having your own space to enjoy and share. Again, make sure you check back to see before and after photos — the transformation is outstanding!


Cool Bedroom Ideas by DKOR Interiors
Bedroom Design In-Progress


Boys Bedroom Design Intent
Bedroom Design In-Progress


Boys Bedroom Design Intent
Boy’s Bedroom Design In-Progress

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