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Coffee Table Styling: The Essentials

A coffee table is a key piece for every home and living space. But it comes with a common design challenge—how to style it? Which coffee table essentials should you place on it? You don’t want it to look too busy or too empty, which means balance is key when reviewing coffee table styling ideas.

We’ve all been there; you finally found the perfect coffee table, you place it in your living room, then immediately find yourself staring at it and realizing you didn’t think about the right home decor pieces to complement it. Then the real adventure of making it look beautiful, styled, and interesting starts.

As interior designers, we know that styling your coffee table just right is a must, but we also understand the importance of making it functional so you can actually use it. Let’s make sure each piece has a reason to be there! We have five coffee table decor essentials and coffee table styling tips to help you create a beautiful and functional coffee table.

Coffee Table Styling Tips by DKOR Interiors




Trays are a must when talking about coffee table styling. They are an ideal foundational layer where you can group or collect different decorative items. Trays are so functional as they allow you to easily move items off of the coffee table when needed.

There are endless options in terms of shape, size, and style that you can use. When selecting a tray, think about function. Visualize the items you are thinking about placing there and make sure there is enough surface space to fit them. You also need to consider the size and material of your actual coffee table to make sure the tray will proportionally fit and that it will complement your table’s style.

Coffee Table Styling Tips by DKOR Interiors


One of our favorite items! We recommend using hardback books with visually stunning covers that help you add a personal, pretty and fun touch to your coffee table decor.

Create an interesting vignette with books paired with other decorative objects. Books create a layered effect by adding height when placed under other pieces. They are also a good alternative to trays as they can function as a base for several objects.

Plus, they’re an easy item that you can switch out seasonally and have a refreshed look.


Coffee Table Styling Tips by DKOR Interiors


Not only do boxes add volume and height, but they are also storage solutions. A coffee table in the living room means a lot of random objects can be within sight, like remotes, coasters, chargers, etc. We highly recommend having a decorative box on your coffee table to hide everything away and keep your space organized. The decorative box shapes, colors, and materials available now are so extensive, you’ll have no problem finding one that goes with your coffee table style and accents your decor.


Coffee Table Styling Tips by DKOR Interiors


Add visual interest with decorative objects. These objects can fill visual space, using interesting textures and shapes to add balance and personality to your coffee table. You can source unique items, vintage finds, or use items you already own. We love the idea of adding a personal touch by using your favorite souvenirs or family objects.



A natural element is always a good idea to bring color, beauty, and freshness. Bring nature to the table with a low-profile vase of flowers or a small plant—it will make the perfect finishing touch for your coffee table.

Get creative and use these suggested coffee table essentials to complete your space. Done with your coffee table? Now it’s time to spruce up your shelves—check out these Shelf Styling Tips from our Interior Designers.




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