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A Florida Vacation Home All About Family, Earth Tones And Texture

Some of our favorite projects are vacation home designs — and being based in Miami, we create quite a few!

In one of our latest, a couple from Panama was looking for an interior designer to help them create their dream vacation home in the Canarias at Downtown Doral community, Doral’s newest neighborhood for luxurious, modern homes.

The couple is very family-oriented and wanted a home where they could spend quality time with their kids and grandkids. And being an international family, they wanted it to be ready for everyone to enjoy, including a playroom for the kids, so they could settle right in at their first visit.

Up to the task, we decorated the space with the right balance of comfort and design — as well as fun — for all members of the family to feel happy and relaxed.


The clients feel a special connection to nature so we used this as our inspiration for this vacation home design. We wanted the space to feel like a retreat from the day-to-day, so our DKORistas added natural textures, earthy tones, and pops of color like blue, green and mustard that you’d find just outside the door.

Our clients have such a strong family bond, and we loved their history so much that we came up with “Roots” as the design concept. Coupled with their love of nature, this just felt right!

Not only does this concept explain the strong base that they’ve built for their family, which supports their values, traditions, union and culture, but it also allowed for us to mix in all of the earthy elements that we felt fit perfectly into this Miami vacation home’s design.

Taking literal plant roots as the inspiration, we incorporated texture, repetition, contrast, rhythm and emphasis within the design elements to highlight the elegant simplicity of the concept. The organic lines and perfectly imperfect shapes of roots provided such a great foundation for our DKORistas to pull this whole masterpiece together. From beautiful textures that add depth and dimension — like for instance in the wall coverings — to contrasts between foliage and the roots themselves — which we incorporated into the color palette — our Miami home designers thought of it all.


For the color palette, we choose a soft, sandy set of neutrals complemented with touches of green and blue. This creates a spa-like feel in the space while still feeling livable. Inspired by the beautiful roots and wood as well as the greenery, this palette feels right at home in a beachy environment like southern Florida.

To emphasize the natural, organic vibe of this Florida vacation home design, we settled on four pillars for the space’s materiality: soft colors, earthy accent tones, elegant woods and organic textures. We’ll incorporate all of these elements into everything from the lighting to the furniture to ensure the concept feels well-executed and cohesive.

Stay tuned for the reveals of this Miami vacation home in the coming weeks!




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